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Want to sell Smoke Relief Electronic Cigarettes?

We are the exclusive UK distributer for Smoke Relief products.

Smoke Relief is America's No. 1 brand of electronic cigarette and rightly so. The product is quite frankly the best in the market. It has the best flavour (by a long way), the most "smoke" and easily the coolest charging box.

We are looking for resellers here in the UK. You could be an online reseller or a shop. We offer generous terms.

Contact  if you are interested.

Or fancy being an affiliate?

If you run a blog or website and want to generate affiliate commission sales we run a generous affiliate scheme. Please email  or sign up at the link below. Whether you are an experienced affiliate or a complete novice we are happy to guide you through the process

Once signed up we will verify your account and contact you to get you started on our affiliate system. We supply a full range of ads, copy and emails you can use on your site and send to your database.

Existing Affiliate Future affiliates can login here:

Once logged in you then need to sign up for the Smoke Relief affiliate system.

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