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disposable e cigarette menthol
Disposable E Cigarette - MENTHOL
Menthol flavour
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disposable electronic cigarette in hand

Menthol Flavour Disposable Electronic Cigarettes - twin pack

This is a disposable version of the popular Smoke Relief electronic cigarette.

Each pack consists of one disposable electronic cigarette with two cartridges. To use, open the pack, take off the dummy cartridge, slip on one of the regular tobacco flavour cartridges and start smoking.

5-7 drags is equivalent to one cigarette in terms of nicotine intake. And each cartridge is equivalent to one pack of 20 cigarettes.

Disposables work out more expensive than the rechargeable pack and refills approach. In addition, regular e Cigarettes generate more "smoke" and have a longer cartridge - so slightly more comfortable. But disposables are a convenient way to try out electronic cigarettes.

They come in two flavours - TOBACCO or MENTHOL.

This video shows you how to use the disposable electronic cigarette.

Please Note: 
Electronic cigarettes and cartridges are not for sale to persons under 18 years, we check the age of our customers.

Nicotine is addictive. Keep cartridges out of reach and sight of children and pets as they are toxic if swallowed. Please seek immediate medical advice if a cartridge is swallowed. Cartridges contain Nicotine and Vegetable Glycerine.

E Cigarettes are not suitable for persons who are allergic to nicotine or nicotine-based products, nor persons who suffer from heart disease and/or high blood pressure or pregnant women.

The Smoke Relief e cigarette is not sold as a method of smoking cessation, it is a recreational product for existing smokers to use as an alternative to a traditional cigarette. If you wish to stop smoking we would recommend visiting the Health Department's website

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