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The Different E Cigarette Flavours

Smokers of traditional tobacco cigarettes are intensely loyal. They stick to particular brands for life. Up to a decade ago tobacco companies were one of the biggest spenders in the advertising markets. Tobacco cigarettes are addictive; people often end up smoking them for life. When someone smokes cigarettes for life they usually stick with their own brand and there is huge return on the manufacturers spend on advertising. The tobacco company might have spent millions but they have a lifetime to make their money back.

E Cigarette Flavours

When people make the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to e cigarettes they may not realise that e cigarettes present a whole host of opportunities for experimenting with taste. A lot of ex-smokers find that the smell and taste of cigarettes is actually unappealing. That they were only smoking what they found most tolerable and gave them a nicotine hit without any bother for taste once it was the least offensive. That they were simply using tobacco cigarettes as a nicotine delivery device and not for pleasure and enjoyment (a point many would say differentiates cigars.) With e cigarettes many find that while they start out with the nicotine infused liquids for their vapour that they can slowly lessen the strength of the nicotine in the liquid and eventually be rid of it entirely. From that point on they are using an e cigarette purely for pleasure and not to satisfy any cravings or addictions.

E Cigarette Flavours

The range of e cigarette flavours is broad and quite impressive. There is the traditional tobacco flavour and this might be good if you are trying to move from traditional tobacco cigarettes to e cigarettes for the first time. Even though everyone’s taste buds and sensors vary completely, many people feel that their morning smoke is the most important so people often continue with the tobacco flavoured cigarette for the first thing in the day. It is possible to change up your flavours throughout the day and satisfy different urges at different times. You might want a cappuccino flavoured e cigarette when you have your first coffee of the day. After dinner you might have a desire for a sweet dessert so switch to an e cigarette flavoured with peach or cherry.

Flavoured e cigarettes make it extremely easy for you to switch your preference throughout the day. The atomiser and cartridge are all contained together and it is simply a matter of swapping one flavour for another or even one strength for another. While many people are looking at e cigarettes as a method of cutting down on the amount of traditional tobacco cigarettes they smoke in the end it turns out that most enjoy e cigarettes and the range of e cigarette flavours as something in their own right. They will have kicked the tobacco cigarette habit a long time ago, be using 0% nicotine e cigarette flavours and still able to enjoy an experience like smoking but without all the negative effects. Uniquely, Smoke Relief electronic cigarettes supply multipacks containing 5 different flavours.