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Reasons to Switch to E Cigs

Reasons to Switch to E Cigs

We all know the negative consequences of smoking tobacco filled cigarettes. There is so much publicity of the risks of tobacco smoking you would wonder why people can’t stay away from smoking these cigarettes. Are they really an irresistible evil? If you have finally decided to quit smoking and try e cigarettes then you made a great decision. If you haven’t decided yet, below are some real reasons to switch to e cigs.

First of all, you will stay away from the deadly chemicals like ammonia and cyanide, which are produced when smoking tobacco. These chemicals are known to cause serious diseases like lung cancer and heart problems. A healthier alternative is using e cigs which produce nicotine vapor instead of tobacco smoke.

Traditional cigarettes are also known to cause fires. You can avoid these fire related incidences by switching to e-cigs. E cigs do not use matchsticks or lighters. You don’t have to dispose them either since the devices are reused. Some fires caused by traditional cigarettes have been known to result in casualties. However, e cigarettes are very safe.

Furthermore, you will be sparing a lot of people the awful tobacco breath if you decide to quit smoking. This second hand smoke is not only annoying but also harmful to people’s health. This smoke tends to become noticeable because it clings on the clothes you wear and the car you drive. E cigarettes do not emit this kind of smoke that causes bad breath.

Moreover, e cigarettes are environment-friendly. The traditional cigarettes leave ash all over the place. If they are not disposed of properly then they cause a lot of litter. By switching to e-cigs you are actually helping to reduce the trash and litter caused by traditional cigarettes.

E-cigs are not banned in most public places. You can be able to enjoy your nicotine fix in the shopping centre, bar or restaurant without feeling like you are irritating those around you. You can actually smoke in many places where traditional tobacco smoking is prohibited.

You can enjoy e cigs with lots of different flavours. E cig manufacturers have come up with a variety of flavouring options for smokers to enjoy. You can enjoy a smooth and long lasting taste when smoking an e cig as opposed to the tobacco flavour that is prominent in tobacco cigarettes. E cigs are also very easy to use you only need to charge the battery and refill the cartridge when it runs out.