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What is in a Traditional Cigarette?

There are many chemicals that are used to manufacture the traditional cigarettes. First on the list is ammonia. Ammonia occurs naturally in the body and is known to aid in protein metabolism. However, researchers argue that ammonia enhances the absorption of nicotine increasing the risk of addiction. Tobacco cigarette manufacturers include ammonia phosphate as an ingredient in their products.

The other common ingredient in traditional cigarettes is nicotine. Nicotine is the powerful ingredient that makes cigarettes addictive. However, nicotine is not a chemical addition because it is already present in tobacco. Nicotine is what creates the pleasure in smoking. It causes a relaxing feeling. However, like every other chemical, very high concentrations in the blood can be dangerous.

Most tobacco cigarettes also contain honey and chocolate. These two are usually included to give the cigarette some flavor which is enticing to many customers. However, some people argue that even though honey and chocolate act as flavor enhancers, both ingredients make tobacco cigarettes appealing to children.

Tobacco cigarettes also contain arsenic. This is a deadly poison that, if used excessively can cause burning of lips. Arsenic is also known to cause bad breath. Arsenic is also not an additive because it is present in tobacco leaves. However, cigarette manufacturers argue that the levels of arsenic are incredibly low for them to have any effect on smokers.

Tobacco cigarettes contain benzene, a chemical that is used to make household ingredients and pesticides. Even though benzene is not an additive since it is produced when burning tobacco, many researchers have linked it to causing cancer. However, cigarette manufacturers argue that it is almost impossible to take benzene out of the traditional cigarette because it is produced during the burning process.

The traditional cigarettes also contain cadmium. Cadmium is known to cause damage to the liver and kidneys. Since this chemical stays in the body for many years, it can also damage the brain. However, cigarette manufacturers argue that the levels of cadmium in tobacco smoke are very low and the toxic metal can’t cause any of these undesired effects.

Another metal that is present in tobacco is lead. We all know how lead poisoning is associated to stunted growth. Lead can also cause damage to your brain. Lead poisoning symptoms include vomiting and headaches. These are just some of the few chemicals that are contained in tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco smoke is known to have more than 4000 toxic substances. There are far fewer of these toxins in new E cigarettes.