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E Cigarette Etiquette

The smoking ban has been around for a number of years now. Most people are in favour of it and prefer going to restaurants and bars where they do not have to put up with a smoky atmosphere and wash the tobacco smell out of their clothes and off their skin after a night out. When the smoking ban came in there were a few people who tested the technicalities of it. Some argued that it was only nicotine containing tobacco that was banned and smoked herbal and clove cigarettes indoors. For a few weeks this was a novelty in pubs and cafés, watching the reaction of the owners to see what they would do, and wondering who would complain. Most places quickly put a stop to the tobacco alternatives and ruled that any smoking, even if it was entirely legal was not allowed within the building.

e cigarette etiquette

This all has consequences for e cigarette etiquette. Many business owners may not be aware of what an e cigarette is. Of course one of the biggest advantages to e cigarettes is that the heating of the nicotine liquid creates a vapour. This provides a very similar feel in the mouth and throat of a traditional tobacco cigarette but it also means you’re exhaling vapour that looks very similar to a cigarette’s plume of smoke. Unfortunately, for the moment this will mean you have to explain yourself to bar men and bouncers in most places you go.

The important thing to remember is that the best way to affect a business is to vote with your feet. If a business is intolerant of you using an e cigarette your recourse is to simply leave and not return. Affecting a business’ bottom line is how to hit them where it hurts. While using an e cigarette indoors is not against the law a business is still allowed to state what type of behaviour is acceptable within their premises. Not allowing someone to use an e cigarette is within their rights as business owners.

The simplest solution is to approach a member of staff when you first enter. Asking them if they have a policy on e cigarettes only takes a few seconds and can make your time there much more pleasant. If they do not have a problem then your decision is easy. Ask them their name and if you ever have issues with another member of staff you can inform them of who it was that said an e cigarette was ok. If they do not allow e cigarettes indoors then you need to decide whether you mind stepping outside, whether they have an outdoor area you can move to or if you would prefer to go elsewhere.