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Celebrities and E Cigarettes

celebrities e cig

If you want to be cynical you would say that celebrities have teams of stylists and “personality” managers. People who spend all their time managing the look of the celebrity, what they endorse, where they appear and who they appear with. Every day these personality managers will be courted by famous brands, bars and restaurants looking for a celebrity appearance. There is no doubt that there are plenty of celebrities who march to their own beat, their behaviour is too wild, their appearances too unpredictable. For many you have to accept that their public persona is carefully tailored to help them sell themselves, it is all business to them.

Over the past year more and more celebrities have been seen using an electronic cigarette. Katherine Heigl and Leonardo DiCaprio are the two celebrities most likely to be seen using an electronic cigarette but the list grows day on day. Katherine Heigl was one of the first celebrities to be spotted with an e cigarette, she endorses a manufacturer yet she has been seen with countless different styles of electronic cigarette. If you follow her e cigarette pictures you will see a disconnect between what e cigarette she usually vapes with and the electronic cigarette she does publicity for. This poses a problem: when vaping grows in popularity there is far more of a chance that less quality stringent manufacturers come into the business. Their e cigarettes are of lesser quality. They are simply trying to make a quick buck off a popular trend and they will approach celebrities to appear with their product.

celebrities e cig

Electronic cigarettes are not all alike. Lesser quality e cigarettes will have less of a draw, they will need parts replaced more often, and they will cost more to run. With the growth of electronic cigarettes as evidenced by so many celebrities endorsing them e cigarettes are appearing in more and more places. Many corner shops and convenience stores now stock electronic cigarettes. So now you need to ask yourself a question: would you buy a television or mobile phone from a corner store? Unlike tobacco cigarettes, or bread and milk there can be a significant difference between a quality brand of e cigarette and a cheaply produced cash-in electronic cigarette.

Corner shops simply do not have the expertise to be knowledgeable about any electronic cigarette they sell, selling e cigarettes for them is just a response to popularity. If you want to find a satisfying electronic cigarette your options should be limited to a bricks and mortar specialist store (something that is very rare) or specialist sites on the internet. A good online retailer will spend time and effort finding a dependable electronic cigarette to sell. They will put effort into showing off the quality of their product. They will often offer money back guarantees because they stand by the quality of the electronic cigarette and they will offer warranties on the equipment. They will have tested the electronic cigarette and know that it is a product they can put their name to. Whether celebrities really are users of electronic cigarettes or they are simply giving into a popular fad it does represent a growth in the market and popularity of vaping. With that unscrupulous businesses without concern for the customer are sure to pop up so finding an e cigarette business dedicated to the electronic cigarette hobby is becoming increasingly important.